is very much involved in bringing poetry before a public audience: she helps organise poetry readings and events, and performs regularly on the open mike scene. Some of her video recordings are available on YouTube. We find her freshness, her lack of pretension, her natural rhythm and her sudden shafts of insight most appealing.  


Can you remember the first poem you ever wrote?

It would be in school . . . senior school . . . a piece set by my very odd, powdered English teacher, Miss Hewitt. I plagiarised a King Crimson Track and got an "A" grade! But my first original poem would be about twelve years ago when I discovered the AOL poetry boards.

And how old you were when you wrote it?

So if I am twenty-one now . . . ahem . . . ok, ok . . . I would be somewhere in the forties . . .  :)

And what it was about?

It was called "Man Of Many Colours", and it was an attempt to describe the many faces of folk. It was terrible!

Name a favourite poem or two . . .

That is a difficult one. There are so many good poems out there . . . and it depends on how I am feeling at the time.

. . . and a few of your favourite poets.

Billy Collins, Ted Hughes, Carol Ann Duffy, Lorca, Plath . . . Oh, wow, so many great poets!

Do you talk about poetry to your friends or is it a secret part of your life?

Yup . . . I am proud of poetry!

Do you write poetry for yourself, or for others, or for both?

In the first instance it has to feel right to me . . . but then I will perform my stuff. So for both, I guess.

Is it important to you if your poems get published or not?

When I do remember to submit a piece it is nice to have it published. Yes, I would like to think I have hit a nerve or rung a chord with another.

Do you think poetry is important in the global scale of things or just a pleasant, indulgent hobby like needlework or trainspotting?

Pleasant? Oh dear me! All those times I have stalled and racked my brains to get what I want from my words! Anything artistic is good in my book. By the way, I also crochet!

What does poetry really mean to you?

A very great deal . . . I cannot imagine the world without it.

Is poetry better than sex?

It is rather nice to be read to in bed!

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