Kant Sleep


The world divides into

those who, like the old philosopher,

spend hours wondering 

is there a Synthetic Apriori?

and the rest, my goddess, 

who do not care . . .

. . . who ask me to whisper

the history of philosophy 

in their ear, late at night, 

because it helps them get to sleep. 

Who are always snoring 

by the time of David Hume. 

Arrival of the Cuckoo Flower


One at ten o’clock, Lady’s Smock.

The only purple in the garden grass 

and speaking out against the marshy green.

Then Milkmaids cross the meadow, spread.

By afternoon, a score perhaps.

Maybe by evening hundreds more. Be May.

Seth Crook taught philosophy at various universities before moving to the Hebrides. He does not like cod philosophy in poetry, but he does like cod, philosophy and poetry. He was inspired to write after a long illness and hasn’t stopped since. His work has recently appeared or is about to appear in Other PoetryInk Sweat and TearsSnakeskinThe Journal, AntiphonThe Centrifugal EyeMessage in a Bottle and Northwords Now. 

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