The split-down lavender of the defending

garden forgives a thousand

unstarted journeys. Things

blow in: skinny tracts

of unread patient

information and bloody

-end feathers – products 

of night turns in the back

field – where standing

water fills the margins

more each time 

erasing increase

Roy Bayfield's writing has been published in the anthology BritPulp! and magazines including Star*Line and Neon Highway. His blog Walking Home to 50 was an account of a journey between two piers, Southport in North West England and Brighton on the south coast. In it a description of a visit to the anomalous town of "Argleton" brought about international media appearances and the creation of a special beer in a nearby pub. His experience of undergoing heart surgery during this journey also led to the collection Bypass PilgrimRoy is currently writing an account of a visit to the Six Realms of Buddhist Tradition.

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