Etarre in Glastonbury

She drew an outline

of the Tor which we took as an instruction;

walked to the top but did not stay 

long – the wind was too bleak or the place too 


Aching on the High Street I yearned for purchase

of at least a hundred myths

or none – in a café, glimpsed

a goddess and/or 

fellow tourist

in a translucent microfibre robe 

from one of the newer magick 

shops. On the outskirts there’s a KFC 

and a Travelodge as in any town – but we had climbed 

the Pilgrim Way with steps as sacred as any.

Later, the sleeping-room – net 

curtains illuminated by the moon, 

the stars and the security 

lamps, the hem of a sleeve filling all

the motel window, a word

delineated in empty


Roy Bayfield's writing has been published in the anthology BritPulp! and magazines including Star*Line and Neon Highway. His blog Walking Home to 50 was an account of a journey between two piers, Southport in North West England and Brighton on the south coast. In it a description of a visit to the anomalous town of "Argleton" brought about international media appearances and the creation of a special beer in a nearby pub. His experience of undergoing heart surgery during this journey also led to the collection Bypass Pilgrim. Roy is currently writing an account of a visit to the Six Realms of Buddhist Tradition. 

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