Jesus on the Beach

The boy Jesus frolics on an Egyptian beach,

Running, kicking in the lace of a wave,

Surrounding himself by droplets filled with light

Resplendent as a creation of suns.

He wraps seaweed about his head

Like a glistening crown.

He owes a death, but till that time he has a life.

Wet and gleaming, he cartwheels on the sand,

Flinging high unwounded feet.


Richmond S Talbot lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and is descended from the Pilgrims, who arrived here from England in 1620.  His children were the fifth generation to live on the same property, which is unusual in the mobile American population.

Richmond taught Economics and United States History in high school and ran the family insurance agency. When he retired from that he became a writer and photographer for the local newspaper. For a few years he and his wife shared the food page with recipes, interviews and restaurant reviews.

Now retired, Richmond blogs at and posts pictures at Poems come to him, sometimes in the middle of the night. He writes them down.

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