March Morning

The hills look mean today,

great clenched fists of life

punched from the earth,

their knuckles grazing the skyline

where clouds scowl, stalk low.

Hostility seeps through sandstone.

Mist-curtained paths slip away.

The only sound a chainsaw

relentlessly grinding trees

that climbed these hills.


Community Nurse Wonders

It makes me wonder

as I drive between visits,

to see tranquillized women,

their stomachs pits of nothingness:

their heavy hearts

and empty eyes.

It makes me wonder

about those tablets

with forked tongues

that dried the wells of tears

waiting to be tapped.

It makes me wonder

and I think,

‘we don’t want tablets,

we want diviners.’

Pam Moyle lives in rural Cheshire. She is a retired clinical nurse specialising in drug and alcohol dependence. A member of Chester Poets, she won their national poetry competition in 1983. Pam is the co-founder of the Re-Act Drama Group which uses poetry, music and drama to destigmatise mental health issues. She has been published by Peace and Freedom Press,Chester PoetsPoetry Press, Frank Latham's History BooksCheshire County Council, Cheshire Life and Cheshire Vista. 

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