Poetry Workshop


Crocodiled, from primary school,

they wide-eyed in to write a poem.

The cathedral, used to this sort of thing

offered see, hear, touch, feel, in abundance.


Colours: flowers, angels and Jesus

shone for them through stained glass.

Blues, reds, greens and purple

rainbowed on sandstone walls.


Silence sounded for them,

then whispers, prayers and singing.

Muffled giggles and 'shush' sounds

from somewhere.


Sandstone columns paraded the aisles,

granting coolness to small hands.

Fingertips traced grit old as

the hills.


'What do you feel?' asked the poet.

'Happy and safe,' they said.

This Wood

This wood stretches through a winter’s sleep,

dream-weaving her landscape;

autumn’s crumpled quilt at her feet.

Wakes before her spiky head is leaf-curled

to the squawks of rooks from nest accessories;

nudges bluebells, celandines, wild garlic from her earth.

Parasol parades into summer; shaded

spongy paths absorb feet, reveal her roots.

Hears her stream splash with children.

Sees autumn nights draw in. Tints tired curls

crimson: bronze, gold, for her stormy final fling,

then nakedly stretches for her winter’s sleep.

Pam Moyle lives in rural Cheshire. She is a retired clinical nurse specialising in drug and alcohol dependence. A member of Chester Poets, she won their national poetry competition in 1983. Pam is the co-founder of the Re-Act Drama Group which uses poetry, music and drama to destigmatise mental health issues. She has been published by Peace and Freedom Press, Chester Poets, Poetry Press, Frank Latham's History Books, Cheshire County Council, Cheshire Life and Cheshire Vista.

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