Of History

Do not believe all

you read in history.

It has long been out of date.

But listen to the wind,

observe the sun, birds,

and wide, wide sky.

And somewhere

on a far-off beach,

where ocean grinds

and washes rocks to fine sand:

a pink shell, a periwinkle.

Here history winks her eye.

Maureen Weldon is Irish and lives in North Wales. She is a former professional ballet dancer. Her poems have been published in both print and online magazines and journals including Poetry ScotlandCrannogDreyPoetry CornwallFirePurple PatchPoetry Monthly, Reflections, On-Line, Ink Sweat and Tears and Snakeskin. In 2011 twenty-five of her poems were published by The Sons of Camus International Journal, winning her an award. She has published five chapbooks, and enjoys giving readings – especially with live music. 

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