sneaking between cracks,

under a jetty-way,

holding up ships;

I have many arms

and a keen eye

says the river.

Like love, I gather beauty

and tears; I bubble and flirt;

my brooks and streamlets a map,

though they have led me

in shallow directions.

I embrace each new day.

At night, like Selene,

dressed in a silver robe,

I look to the moon who

pulls me to the sea

to tell me secrets,

and dance on white sands.

Reflections among the Trees

While Walking in the Forest of Coed Nant Gain

I put six kisses on your pillow last week.

You ask me to look at the bee-box. Yes, three bees

on the doorstep. Two bees fly near the tip.

Soon the bee-box will be in high activity.

I must not allow small misunderstandings

to build into a mountain.

Best to climb to the peak holding hands.

Such great beauty in this forest;

where every tree, plant and creature rules its day.

The brook in this forest sings;

like all brooks, its water the giver of life.

I must be tolerant. Forest, please teach me.

What can I give to this forest,

which is giving so much to me?

More swimming tadpoles in the little pond

near the stream at the edge of the meadow.

How great this deep happiness.

Nothing must disturb its peace.

Today – and Easter

It was Easter all day, today.

The risen Christ,

the altar-rail;

but you were not there.

The Easter lunch,

family, friends,

chicken, wine,

clinking glasses;

your empty chair.

And everywhere

spring budding;

yellow, purple, blue.

I picked your daffodils,

put them on your grave –


like ribbons

in a tunnel to heaven.

Maureen Weldon is Irish and lives in North Wales. She is a former professional ballet dancer. Her poems have been published in both print and online magazines and journals including Poetry Scotland, Crannog, Drey, Poetry Cornwall, Fire, Purple Patch, Poetry Monthly, Reflections, On-Line, Ink Sweat and Tears and Snakeskin. In 2011 twenty-five of her poems were published by The Sons of Camus International Journal, winning her an award. She has published five chapbooks, and enjoys giving readings – especially with live music. 

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