Moving On

Don’t leave any personal things behind:

clothes, books, CDs, DVDs. Mustn’t forget

the photo of Hitler. Wish it were signed.


Leave all dirty pants and socks.

And the table lamp, I hate it – it’s chipped,

she threw it at me . . .


She, the table lamp thrower – You Know

has just moved on. Wearing my Hell’s Angels

tee shirt, I can say goodbye to that as well.


I’ve got her Love Songs CD.

Wouldn’t ever want to play it.

Leave the rest  . . . You Know’s stuff.


Time for a fresh start!

Leave the rubbish and the memories.

Don’t want them cluttering up my new place.  

I’ll take the microwave.

Can’t live without that . . .

You Know showed me how to use it.


Careful with Yogi Bear coffee cup.

It’s really cool. I’m sure it enhances flavour.

What’s her name I’m moving in with loves it.


That’s it. Everything packed.

Wait a minute. Where’s the pen?

Best Wishes, Hitler. What’s her name will be impressed.

Les Merton was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow in 2004 for services to Cornish Literature. He is the founder and editor of Poetry Cornwall and the author of seventeen books, six of which are poetry collections.  

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