South of Heaven

For the Unknown Actress

My husband idly surfed the net one day.

Put in some common words and typed dot com . . .

A varied mix of web sites followed on.

And then a graphic of some alien kids

With glistening eyes appeared on the screen,

Three links below – for email on the left,

The right for newsgroups, but the centre one

Led to a series of three photographs

The briefest warning as the pictures load . . .

The first, an image of a naked girl,

Her body streaked with blood and sweat and shit.

The angle changes slightly through the shots.

As I scroll down to reach the bottom one

The last convinces me that she is dead – 

Her feet, quite unsupported on the pole,

Dangle above a swampy, fetid lake.

There´s no crossbar. Her arms are not outstretched.

Yet Crucifixion somehow springs to mind.

A hiker, hidden by his towering pack,

Observes and films her from the water's edge.

What must I do? Erase it from my brain?

We tell the police, also, the FBI

As all domains are listed it's a cinch

To find the site owner's business address.

Even the place name is evocative . . .

It's 'South of Heaven' – looks much more like hell . . .

Fiona Pitt-Kethley has written 21 books (including her infamous debut poetry collection Sky Ray Lolly) and is currently writing poetry and prose books on the Sierra Minera and Cartagena. She lives in Cartagena in south-east Spain with her family and 8 ex-feral cats. 

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