in what was perhaps the most difficult time of my life,

I, who never dream,

dreamed so vividly and inescapably –

wrapped in my cloak

rowed from shore

through moonlit winter sea

ever deeper into trust.

under the gaze of the gull

through the clearing under the yew tree

past tennis court debris

battered bench and lake,

under the gaze of the gull

here, in the hesitation,

surveying August end

it seems important 

to note the cusp

the time of year

while all the while,

all the walk, the

seagull stood sentinel 

upon the dead branch

above the lake

picked out by sun

Andy Delmege is an Anglican parish priest serving in outer estate parishes in Birmingham. A sabbatical walk to Santiago de Compostela kindled a developing interest in pilgrimage and has led to the blog pilgrimpaceAndy enjoys walking, cycling, reading and writing in his spare time. He was a founder member of the Society of Sacramental Socialists. 

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