Upon Entering the House of the Late, Great Poet

No nightingales sang,

no ancient urns

mused aloud,

but the air –

in the midst of wide quietness –

the air met me

with a weight, a texture

like vellum bearing

an onslaught of lost words

my whole body read at once.

‪In January Cold‬‬

I think of the pickled people,

popular when I was in college –

wizened creatures in nylon

and calico polyester

smushed inside a jar.

Adorable or sick,

I could never decide;

either way,

they had no way out.

Andrea Potos is the author of four poetry collections, most recently We Lit the Lamps Ourselves from Salmon Poetry, and Yaya's Cloth from Iris Press.  Another collection from Salmon will be published in 2015.  Her poems appear widely online and in print.  Andrea lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her family.

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